The University System of New Hampshire strives to be the partner of choice with our communities, businesses, and organizations and have launched many new initiatives to further partnership efforts. This includes establishing business liaisons at each institution, creating a centralized call center for questions about online learning/training opportunities, and looking at ways we can work together to encourage more of our college graduates to stay, work, and live in New Hampshire.

A strong vibrant state and higher education system working together to bring the resources, advancements, skill sets and job opportunities to state residents now…and in the years ahead.

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Outreach and Enrollment Center

The three USNH institutions help shape the future of 32,000 students annually and impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of New Hampshire residents.

Research Excellence

USNH conducts research that solves community, state and national issues, delivering academic and research excellence affordably for NH students.

Community Impact

USNH strengthens the admirable work of multiple state agencies, local communities, non-profit organizations, businesses and thousands of state residents to make them healthier and more vibrant while also providing hardened pathways to careers, enabling economic growth and progress.

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Our Mission

The mission of the University System of New Hampshire is to serve the higher educational needs of the people of New Hampshire. The University System strives to assure the availability of appropriate higher educational opportunities to all New Hampshire people; seeks to enroll a diverse student population to enhance educational experiences; and provides programs and activities based on a commitment to excellence. Through its institutions, the University System engages in research which contributes to the welfare of humanity and provides educational resources and professional expertise which benefit the state and its people, the region and the nation.